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Reduce Testing Expenditure

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The Situation

The developer experience is often overlooked, causing a lack of standardisation of requirements that often frustrate developers, increase meetings and delay feature development.

We foster a culture of accountability, between each other and our stakeholders.
Passion Led
We deliver outcomes that we can all proudly stand by
We act with honesty, transparency and honour our promises.
Outcome Driven
Equipped with grit and tenacity, we will find ways to get it done at no compromise to quality
we are not a recruitment company

Subject Matter Experts

We are committed to building your brand, delivering on our promises and providing an exceptional business analyst experience when you engage with The Digital BA. Our reputation is tied to your project outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do clients engage with The Digital BA?

Depending on the nature and size of your project, we will work through your project requirement needs and compose a proposal to ensure the right outcomes are acheived.

What makes you different to a recruitement company?

To simply put it, we do not act as a resource and payroll company. We take complete accountability of the requirements delivered, and provide a governance and standardisation framework to ensure all projects run smoothly.

How do you price engagements?

Whether fixed pricing, day rate or monthly retainer, our pricing models are designed to fit within your business model. For longer term engagements, if project funding is impacted, we provide our clients with the ability to terminate the contract provided a two-week notice is given.

Do you offer fixed costs arrangements?

Yes! We will work through your project's features and price according to the expected effort of analysis required.

My project funding has been cut, what are the terms of cancellation?

For our longer-term engagement, we require a two-week notice for termination of the contract.

Our company is not agile yet, can we still engage with The Digital BA?

Absolutely. Whether waterfall, agile or everything inbetween, we provide and accommodate any style of management for your software development lifecycle.

We don't run selenium test cases, how will The Digital BA accomodate?

We can easily set up and embed selenium webdrivers with our proprietary technology to help accelerate your testing phase of the project.


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